Photography has become increasingly important in today’s short attention span, image-driven culture. The construction industry is full of incredible photo opportunities. The structures you build, whether buildings, roads, bridges, and the products you rent and sell, whether construction equipment, concrete, or steel, are the focal point of your marketing efforts. Are you capturing them in the best light with effective construction photography?

Base Shoot

Entry level photography package providing roughly 20 photos. 


Show the quality of your workmanship with quality before and afters.


Coming soon! Give me a call and let's discuss our options.

Print Material

Let's create business cards, flyers, brochures, booklets, and more; all focused on your

brand and image.

Full Shoot

Complete photo package optimized for a full photographic presentation. 

Item Removal

Tools, equipment, and material laying around...

Lets digitally remove it.

Walk Thru

Simple video walk through video geared toward search engine and social media enhancement. 

Social Media

Do you struggle with consistently promoting your online

social media presence?

I can help!

Build Package

Continually show updates on the process of the build with a bundled four shoot package.

Virtual Staging

Give the illusion of a staged, tastefully decorated home to help buyers envision all possibilities.

Virtual Twilight

Instantly obtain drama and intrigue by setting the evening mood. 


Need something else not listed? Let me know what you are thinking and I'll see if we can make it happen!

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